Why Use a Promo Code?

The answer to this question is simple - because it will get you more money in the form of an extra bonus.

When joining a site such as Draft Fury, using an official promo code like REALMONEY will allow you to earn an extra bonus that will turn into real cash as you play. Why wouldn't you want this extra cash?

Sites like this will create and distribute promo codes so that they can build loyalty with new players by giving them a little extra incentive to play.

Sure, some players will go directly to the site, sign up and play without a promo code. But some players will do their research before joining a site and sites will compete with each other by offering special promo codes to encourage you to join their site instead of the competition.

So, be a smart player and always look for a promo code from a trusted site like PromoCodeBonuses.com before joining a site and playing for real money - might as well take advantage of any extra cash a site will give away!