What Is a Radio Promo Code?

A radio promo code is a tracking code assigned to a radio station such as Sirius XM Radio or WFAN Radio, etc... by daily fantasy sports sites like Draft Fury in order to track where the player heard about the site.

These codes are assigned simply for marketing purposes to see if the ads that the sites are paying for are worth it or not. The site can analyze the data and determine whether or not they should keep paying the radio station to run the ads.

Radio promo codes don't always give the best bonuses or offers because the site already has to pay for the ads that players hear...so they don't want to give away too much extra money or awards on top of the ad payment. Sometimes prizes such as subscriptions or free t-shirts will be the types of bonuses that players receive. This goes the same for large conglomerate sites such as Rotoworld or Rotowire or other major sports websites. For example, both Rotoworld.com and Rotowire.com offer subscriptions such as free draft kits or memberships for joining fantasy sites like Draft Fury. What players don't realize is that the bonus money you are losing in place of these freebies make using the codes a terrible value.


We advise that if you join a site like DraftFury.com that you avoid using radio codes and instead use official promo codes such as the ones we offer here at PromoCodeBonuses.com...


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